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From Hartmann Elektromaschinen GmbH
becomes em machines GmbH

In Rahden, the good intentions at the turn of the year 2021/22 will be put into practice right away. Hartmann Elektromaschinen GmbH becomes em machines GmbH. According to owner Frank Moormann, the change of name at the turn of the year is the “ideal time to launch the new company.” The family business, founded in 1955, was taken over by the managing partner in 2016. Since then, it has continuously developed and more than doubled both the turnover and the number of employees during this time.

With the change of name to em machines GmbH, one wants to do justice to the constantly growing product portfolio and at the same time promote internationalization. Mainly due to the growing proportion of mechanical production in the business activity and an in-house development in the field of automated cooling lubricant monitoring, the focus is increasingly also outside the electrical workshop - the origin of the company.

In particular, the in-house development of automated cooling lubricant monitoring, which is sold under the protected brand name LiquidMate®, should continue to gain in importance. Well-known regional and national companies and corporations have already jumped on the bandwagon and thus ensure their future viability in the context of Industry 4.0.

The change in the company also means that the demands on employees have changed. Since there is increasing investment in the area of mechanical production and cooling lubricant monitoring, cutting machine operators and service technicians from the electrical installation area are particularly sought after. The company's website has also had a new look since the turn of the year. With the new logo and the modern homepage, the path from a craft to an industrial company should be made clearer.

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