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Liquid Monitoring at Excellence

The coolant is the blood, that flows

through the veins of your production.

Our LiquidMate® automates the

supervision of this elixir of life.

We call that

noun, [the]


"Wellness is a state beyond absence of illness but rather

aims to optimize well-being." 



Our recovery program

Lifetime extension


longer coolant lifetime

Proof of health


Occupational safety and health

with complete documentation

Strengthening of the immune system


less downtime


LiquidMate® stands for Liquid Monitoring at Excellence. 

100% Made in Germany

Our promise of quality. Developed and produced in Germany with components from German premium manufacturers.

Focus occupational safety and health

Don't leave the health of your employees to chance.

Innovative process optimization

Improves the process reliability of your production and thereby increases the product quality.

Sustainable use of resources

Careful use of ecological resources. For the sake of the environment.

Automated coolant monitoring

Real-time measurement of the parameters
including replenishment of the coolant

Subject of digitization

Pioneer of Industry 4.0
and center of the Industrial IoT

Core element of connectivity

Networking of up to 12 machine tools
per LiquidMate®

Cloud -based information processing

Visualization in the dashboard

Sensor-controlled monitoring

Measurement of the relevant factors
for production

Bring your production into the Internet of Things. Finally arriving in Industry 4.0!

Ready to upgrade your manufacturing?

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